One of the ways to save your money (and also watch where your money goes) is to learn about the Scanner Price Accuracy Voluntary Code, or as it is better known as, the Scanning Code of Practice (SCOP). SCOP is a consumer-protection program where stores VOLUNTARILY sign on and participate in - it is not law in Canada except in Quebec where it is known by another name.

SCOP basically means that if you see an item on the shelf for a specific price, but if you are charged a higher price at the till, then as long as the item is under $10, you will get it free. If the item is more than $10 and scans in wrongly at the till, the store will refund you $10 from the actual discounted price. It is important to note that SCOP only covers shelf priced items, items with UPCs and does not cover items that are pre-ticketed ie that has a pricetag on the item.

You can read more about the SCOP policy and a list of stores that participate in them. I would recommend that you print out the policy, read it and put it into your purse/wallet in case you happen to get a SCOP situation and need to check on the policy.

I have a real-life example of SCOP to share with you. Below is the product that I got for free using SCOP.

The item in question: PC Organic Field Greens, posted at $3.98 on shelf. Scanned at $4.99 at till.
Below is the video I made to explain the SCOP deal I got. Enjoy!