I finally spent a few hours culling my binder and cutting up my coupon inserts and organizing my coupons. As some of you know, I've not been clipping my coupons regularly for a while now, since I was pretty much stocked up on my staples. That's the beauty of Extreme shopping - you don't have to coupon all the time, and you can even take a nice long break. Anyway, with a lot of my coupons expiring Dec 31, I decided it was time to get the coupon binder all squared away and it feels good to be organized again.

I noticed I had a few P&G inserts and there is a coupon for $2 off any Olay Hand & Body product. At Superstore, they have 2 pack Olay soaps on sale for $1.49. Off I went with my $2 coupons and asked the supervisor if they would take the coupons. No problem, she said, as soap qualifies as a hand & body product. I was able to get 6 2-pack soaps for free! (note: there is a limit of 6 at that price).

So if you have your P&G Olay coupon, try your Superstore and get your Olay soap for free this week!