A quick shop at London Drugs today yielded this haul:

  • 4 Arm & Hammer Toothpastes
  • 1 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Spray
  • 2 Advil Cold & Sinus (40s)
  • 1 Halls pack
  • 3 Dove shampoos
  • 2 Dove antiperspirants
  • 1 1L Listerine
  • 1 4-pack Lever soap
  • 1 Arm & Hammer kids' spinbrush

Everything was free except for the Halls which cost me 10cents, and the Spinbrush cost me 49cents plus a 25cent levy. Total was $9.12, of which tax was $8.32 which meant my out of pocket was a whopping 80cents! Total savings of $68.57!

I've posted the how-tos and the coupon match ups in the class blog, so class students, please log in to access.