Hurray! The annual Superbowl Tostitos rebate is back, and this time it's "Spend $20 and receive $20 back in coupons!" All you have to do is buy at least $20 in participating products (listed below) all in one receipt, and submit the receipt, UPC codes and the official mail in rebate form.

I am excited to let you know that instead of just being restricted to certain stores only, this time around this deal is good at all participating retailers AND the list of items and size requirements have improved from last year's deal.

All of the coupons you will receive back are for FREE products, so they are not for $ off a product, they will be completely free!

Participating products include:

  • Lay's Potato chips
  • Tostitos tortilla chips
  • Ruffles potato chips (180g-420g/all flavours)
  • Tostitos
  • Ruffles salsa/dips (400ml-645ml/425g-432g/all varieties)
  • Pepsi
  • Mountain Dew
  • Mug
  • 7Up
  • Dr Pepper
  • Crush
  • Schweppes (all sizes/varieties)
  • Brisk beverages (all flavours/varieties/sizes)
  • Gatorade (all flavours/varieties/sizes)
  • G2 beverages (all flavours/varieties/sizes)

All items must be purchased on one receipt between December 25 2011 and February 13 2012. Circle the purchase price of each product on the receipt. The officials rules indicate the UPCs from the eligible package sizes and brands must be mailed in. However this might be a problem for chip bags as it would cause the product to become stale if you cut out the UPC and if the item is not consumed immediately. Last year we were allowed to just write the UPC code onto the receipt instead of mailing in the UPC code. I'll email the company to double check and post here when I know. UPDATE FROM TOSTITOS: If the UPCs are not included on the receipt but there is a brief explanation of the product on the receipt, that is fine. Usually if UPCs are not included there is at least a brief product description and/or manufacturer code on the receipt which is enough for us to know that it is a participating PepsiCo product. There is no need to write the UPCs on the receipt unless you choose to do it. Hope that helps!

To get the official Tostitos mail in form please visit and click on the upper left corner where you see the Buy $20 and Score $20 graphic. Please read the official rules which will print when you print the official mail in coupon offer form. It does indicate that "restrictions/conditions may apply to coupons" and to "see individual coupons for details." Limit one offer per family.

Mail and postmark by Febrruary 29 2012.