Hi, I'm MrsSmith.

I started Extreme Shopping in August 2009 and by November 2009 I was saving an average of $400+ a month. I could not keep the secrets of such savings to myself and started telling people what I was doing. My genius and darling husband suggested I teach classes on this method, at which I scoffed,"who would attend coupon classes?" Well, it seems that a lot of people do. I love you all for that.

Please read the FAQs below for frequently asked questions.

Welcome to MrsSmithExtremeShopper!

Q: How can I contact MrsSmith?

A: Please email MrsSmith at kmemeric@hotmail.com (contact form coming soon)

Q: What is the site MrsSmithExtremeShopper.com meant for?
The main purpose of the site is to deliver live and online ExtremeShopping classes, both for Canadian and US audiences. The site also includes many links and resources to free products, contests and promotions.


Q: What is the Canadian ExtremeShopping live class, how much is it, and where I can attend a class?
A: In the Canadian ExtremeShopping class, you will get tried and true information that will help you significantly reduce your grocery/household item/cleaning product bills, as well as tips to maximize your savings. The class is 2 hours long and costs $25/person. You may visit the Upcoming Live Classes page here if you wish to join in a class in your area, or you can take the online class in the comfort of your own home. Please visit the Canadian Online Class page for more information.

Q: What bonuses do you offer for people who take the MrsSmith Canadian ExtremeShopping classes?
Once you've attended a live/Skype class or downloaded the class, you will receive email support from MrsSmith. You can email any question you have arising from the class. MrsSmith wants you to understand the method completely so you can maximize your savings, so please feel free to email and ask your question. I am here to help. Secondly, you will receive exclusive access to the Class Blog where MrsSmith will provide a selection of deals for the week (currently in the West only). You can follow this guide to start your shopping list every week. The Class Blog will also include exclusive information such as policy updates and links to other resources that are not available on the regular blog.

Q: I am interested in hosting a live class, where can I find more information for hostesses?
Thank you for your interest in hostessing a class! I could not do this without you. Please email MrsSmith at kmemeric@hotmail.com for more information.

Q: What is the difference, if any, between the a live class, a Skype class and an online class?
In the live class, MrsSmith attends each class and interacts with students and provides immediate responses to questions and discussions. Students will receive a printed handout, a pack of coupons, a chance to win door prizes, and samples and coupons from manufacturers and advertisers. In a Skype class, MrsSmith will "attend" the class via Skype, and will teach the class live, in real-time and can interact with students via the computer. You will receive a printed class handout and coupon pack. For the online classes, the information is provided via a online course, and you will not be able to interact with MrsSmith or other students simultaneously. You will download a PDF class handout and the class video/audio segments, and will not receive any coupons or samples. Regardless of which class you take, you will receive access to the class blog and specific areas of the site that are exclusive to class students. You will also be able to receive email support from MrsSmith.

Q: Can I film a live or Skype class, or download and store an online class for later review?
No. You can review your downloaded online class for 3 days only at which time the link will expire.

Q: What is the return policy on the classes?
Once purchased, there is no returns allowed on any class. MrsSmith guarantees a comprehensive and information loaded class and once you have taken the class, you will be able to save money almost immediately. If you are not satisfied with the class, please contact MrsSmith at kmemeric@hotmail.com to discuss and be prepared to fully outline the reasons for your dissatisfaction.

Q: My online class access has expired. Can I get an extension?
Once the class access has expired, there is no extension available, however you may purchase the class again and receive full access to the course.

Q: My child is 15 and would like to attend the class, do I have to pay for my child to attend a live class or to take an online class?
The fee is $25 per person for the Canadian ExtremeShopping class and online course, so yes, your child would have to pay the fee.

Q: Why don't I see certain coupon webpages listed on this site?
There are many coupon websites that are provided in the classes (both live and online) and are considered class material, which is why if you are visiting the site and have not taken the class, you will not see links to those webpages.

Q: Will the Canadian ExtremeShopping method work in my remote area?
Yes and no. The Canadian ExtremeShopping method is best maximized in certain metropolitan areas with more choices of stores and the targeted areas are Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Please note that the ExtremeShopping method currently will not work in other provinces. However, there are resources provided that can be used to help save you money no matter where you are in Canada and US (dependent on the class taken). If you are not from MB, SK, AB or BC, you may purchase the online class to access the resources provided, as long as you are aware the method will not work in your area.

Q: I am so excited about the information I learned, can I tell my friends about the class?
You may tell your friends about the MrsSmith website and classes, but you may not share the information you received from the class with others that have not taken the class. It is important to the integrity of the class and also for the class reputation that you do not share this information. You are not authorized to copy, distribute, share, charge for, or in any way, disseminate any information, written, spoken or otherwise taken from this site.
Thank you!

Q: I am interested in having MrsSmith come and speak to my organization, who do I contact in order to do so?
Please contact MrsSmith at kmemeric@hotmail.com for more information.

Q: Is there a way to fundraise via the MrsSmith-ExtremeShopper class?
Yes. MrsSmith has a "Give Back" program where when a non-profit organization or group such as a church, community group or school books and hosts a live/Skype class and where at least 30 people attend the session. MrsSmith will donate 25% of the class fee back to the group, which can be used as a fundraiser, or reimbursed to the class attendees. You may charge a surcharge to your attendees to cover costs and as a fundraiser as long as the attendees are aware of the class' base cost that is paid to MrsSmith.

Q: Does MrsSmith travel to teach the live classes?
Yes. Locally, MrsSmith travels in the GVRD and Fraser Valley areas. During certain times of the year, MrsSmith may teach live classes on Vancouver Island. If you are interested in having MrsSmith travel to your location, please contact MrsSmith at kmemeric@hotmail.com for more information.

Q: Does MrsSmith work for any of the stores she speaks of in the classes?

Q: I am interested in teaching the MrsSmith class, am I allowed to use the material learned in class to teach others? Does MrsSmith have franchise opportunities available?
You may not use class information or handout to teach others as the information and handout is copyrighted and is the property of MrsSmith. At this time, MrsSmith is not offering franchise opportunities. Please watch this site for any announcements regarding expansion and franchise opportunities in the future.

Q: I would like to advertise my business on the MrsSmith site, can you send me some information?
Thank you for your interest! Please review our Sponsors page here for more information and guidelines.

Q: I would like to have my product tested and reviewed on the MrsSmith site.
Please review our Sponsors page here for more information and guidelines.

Disclaimer: At certain times this website may include affiliate links, by which you are redirected to a third party site when you click on a link, and upon making a purchase on that site, that site pays me a set commission amount for the referral. MrsSmith's policy is that I will only recommend or refer products I know and/or use myself.