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PaperMate is giving away a new pen product with the cutest name: "Inkjoy." Cute, right? You can order your free sample here. (While supplies last).

Just in case you are headed to Granville Island soon, and are in need of a free bag, Granville Island Kids Market has a coupon for a free eco bag here.

Cottonelle is running its Get A Tub, Give a Tub promotion again. You can request a coupon for a free Cottonelle Fresh Wipes tub and send a tub to a friend as well. My mom in law loves these! Have you tried it?

Tomorrow, April 12, is Ben&Jerry's Free Cone Day worldwide from noon to 8pm! That means you can get a free scoop of ice cream at your participating Scoop Shop, PLEASE check first before you go to see if they are participating.

According to Taco Bell Canada's Facebook page, you can receive a free taco daily from 3-6pm from April 7-13 2011, at participating Taco Bell Canada locations! Click here to find a local Taco Bell.

On Earth Day (April 17, 2011), Target is giving away a free reusable bag to its first million customers that day. You will receive your free reusable bag with your purchase, one per customer.

Superstore/Extra Foods (and other selected Loblaws locations) have a mail in rebate special going on from March 25-April 17 2011, where you buy 5 participating items, one of which has to be a Tropicana beverage, all on one receipt. You then mail in the receipt with the Mail in Rebate (found in store on the coupon board as you enter the store) and in 6-8 weeks you will receive a $25 PC gift card.

Here's a deal I worked tonight (special thanks to Deb K for the help):
- bought 4 Quaker instant oatmeal at $1.99 (on sale this week)
- bought 1 Tropicana juice at $1.99
total including tax: $10.23.

I'll send the receipt and rebate form in and get $25 in giftcards back, which means I will make $14.67 on this deal! Free food AND money back? Fantastic combo!

For more information on how to ensure a successful mail in rebate transaction, read my article on how to complete mail in rebates.

Here's a simple freebie for the coming week. At Shoppers Drug Mart from April 2-8, they have the Crest Oral B Cavity Protection Toothbrush on for .99cents. At SDM and also at other stores such as Save On Foods, they have a $1 when you buy any Oral-B manual brush coupon on tearpads, making the toothbrush free! Note that some SDMs will not adjust your coupon down to .99cents but many will so ask first and please buy reasonable amounts and don't clear the shelves! (PS If they are sold out, you can request a raincheck, some locations only limit you to 2 units per pricematch but I believe they can increase it to 4 at their discretion).

Take a quick 3 question survey and receive a coupon for 2 free bottles of Aquafina Vitamin Plus+ Vitamins 10 Cal via mail. You'll need a Facebook account to access these coupons. Canada only.

McDonalds is offering a free small coffee from March 28-Feb 6 at participating McDonalds locations. I don't drink coffee but MrSmith does, and he doesn't mind the coffee from McDonalds - what do you think of their coffee?