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Vpgames is offering $12 off any Wii game today only, which is a great deal as they have Donkey Kong Returns for $47.85, and with the $12 discount it is $35.85 - a fabulous price especially since Toys R Us has this on for $49.99 and on Amazon it is $44.44. Use coupon code WIILOVE2010 to get your discount. One per customer.

Please note Vpgames is a US store but they do ship to US and Canada as well as other countries around the world.

Amazon's Cyber Monday is here, and there are tons of deals to be had. Last week I posted a whole series on free and frugal Christmas gifts, and this week I'll be posting about gifts that you can purchase (and I'll be sharing what I'm buying as well). Consider it a loose gift guide and you can bet that I will be posting about deals, deals, deals!

Little Mr Smith has been wanting Kirby's Epic Yarn and I've been going to Toys R Us and other stores here in Canada, and the median price has been $49.99. Imagine my glee when Amazon's Cyber Monday deal has this Wii game on for 20% off, making it $39.99! Sold! By the way, this game is about $57 on, so in this case it is definitely better to purchase from and have it mailed to a US address (I recommend Ship Happens, among other companies). It costs $4/per package for them to accept a package on your behalf. I try to buy a number of items together and have it shipped together, it's worth it, especially when the items qualify for free shipping!

This is the year I'm filling in the gaps of my winter clothing. You might remember a while back I bought my first pair of rainboots (after almost 20 years of living in rainy BC!!) I finally bought a down jacket today as the Tommy Hilfiger jacket (in black) I'd been eyeing is on sale for 60% off - saving me $111!! There's a large selection of jackets for the entire family on for 60% off - so this winter we are going to be warm and stylish at a fraction of the price!

I also have Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale in my cart for my niece as it is also on for 60% off, at $7.99.

I'm considering this TomTom XXL 540M 5-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigator (Lifetime Maps Edition) for MrSmith as it's on for $89.99, at 61% off, but I'm also thinking of Garmin nĂ¼vi 205W 4.3-Inch Widescreen Portable GPS Navigatorwhich is on sale for $79.99, a 68% savings.

For Miss Smith, she's asked for a dance game, so I'll be getting Just Dance 2 as after reading the reviews on this product and Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party 3 Bundle, it seems this game is less rigid (not just stepping on arrow on a mat) but is more intuitive and actually uses dance moves. Hopefully she will love it.

I'm hoping to pay for the majority of these purchases with my Swagbucks, as I've been saving my points throughout the year. It's a great feeling to be able to get items for free and not have to pay out of pocket or put them on credit. If you have not signed up for Swagbucks, now would be a great time to sign up so you can be shopping for free next Christmas! You can also read my article on Swagbucks and how to win points faster.

Here's my receipt for the Wii game and the jacket I bought today using my Swagbucks points that I exchanged into Amazon giftcards, saving me a total of $123.34!!

So, are you shopping this Cyber Monday?

BabyLegs is having their Cyber Monday sale on right now, and you can get 3 pairs of BabyLegs Leg Warmers for $10, plus Free Shipping! There are 6 different bundles to choose from. Plus, use code CYBER8 to receive 25% off other purchases (not including the $10 Cyber Monday items) for some sweet (and warm) deals! Love BabyLegs, they are too cute!

You can now receive $5 Tresemme coupons just by filling in a short questionnaire on the Tresemme site. You will receive your $5 coupons by mail. Canada only.

Happy Thanksgiving Monday, Canadian blog readers! I am just prepping the turkey and lookin forward to dinner tonight. You know what goes well with dinner? Dessert. And what goes with dessert? Coffee!

All that to say that you can get a free 4-pack sample of Starbucks Via instant coffee here, after you play the memory game - it's fun and quick! You'll need to set up a Starbucks account if you don't already have one.

Canada and USA.

Kashi's got another $2 coupon available as they are featuring their Dark Mocha Almond granola bars. You can get your Kashi coupon here.

Canada only.

This one is for your Lindt and London Drugs lovers! Lindt has a chocolate promotion and contest with prizes including 1 of 3 $1,000 London Drugs Gift Cards, 1 of 5 $500 Spa Gift Cards plus daily giveaways of Lindt Chocolate Gift Bags! Mmm, a $1000 gift card would buy a lot of chocolate!

You'll need a UPC from a 150g bag of Lindt, which you would enter on the Lindt contest website - and you can enter once every 24 hours for more chances to win! Here are the contest rules/regulations. Contest ends September 30, 2010.

If you win, would you share some chocolate? :)

Here's a fantastic freebie! You can get Give a Tub of Free Cottonelle Fresh Moist Wipes and get a tub for yourself too, all free of charge. You can go here to sign up - offer is both good for US/Canada. (TIP: If you're having troubles with the zip/postal code, make sure to capitalize them, it will take it then).

EDIT: Here's another one I found - what do you think of this one? I'd love your thoughts, thank you!

I've been browsing the internet hoping to buy boots online, and after a bit of a search, I think I have whittled down my choices but I need your help! Much to my glee, I found that Amazon sells boots, and so I decided to use my Swagbucks points to get them, so this post is timely since today is MegaSwagbucks Friday (as it is every Friday). If you don't know what Swagbucks is, read my article on Swagbucks and Why I use it.

Anyway, here are my choices. I decided I didn't want something extravagant since the boots will mostly be meant for wearing while driving kids to/from school and the occasional pumpkin patch visit. I also wanted something flat, since most of the dressy boots that I do have all have heels and are not condusive to frolicking in pumpkin patches and elementary school playgrounds.

As you can see, buying boots online can result in a fair number of choices. This is where you come in! I need your opinions and help to help me choose the right pair of boots! So, I thought, in exchange for your kind consideration and opinions, why not buy you a pair as well? Yes, that's right! I will buy one of you a pair of rain boots from Amazon if you share your honest opinions on what pair I should get. Just post which are your favourites (in order) and why - and perhaps maybe point out a feature or two or maybe even recommend another pair.

Here are my options: (please click to enlarge as I've found seeing a bigger picture does make a difference)

This one's pretty in an edgy kind of way.

I love red, and I love polka dots. I just don't know if the red is the right shade of red.

This one's safe.

Houndstooth, anyone? Might be a bit of overkill as I have a houndstooth coat.

Again, loving red and polka dots.

Gotta have some pink. Pretty.

Here are a few other gems I found while browsing online:

This one makes me go owwwww.

And this one is just what the ??!

But this one makes me lust after it.

So - please share your comments on which pair of boots I should get, and make sure you have the following in your post:

  • which are your favourites (in order)
  • why
  • point out a feature or two or maybe even recommend another pair.
  • (comments without these 3 sections will not be counted towards the giveaway)

and next week I will pick a winner who will receive a $25 credit towards Amazon for a pair of boots. Please make sure you are from the GVRD area as I will pay for shipping from Amazon to me (as it will be purchased on my account), but you have to arrange to pick it up from my location. Not from the GVRD? Be nice and tell a friend or two who lives in the Lower Mainland and maybe they'll win a pair of rain boots!

Ready to get a new pair of boots? Me too! Let's go! (I'll accept comments until tonight at 7pm).

UPDATE: I printed the coupon only to have it rejected at Save On Foods and Superstore. I emailed Sunrise Tofu and they will be mailing me a proper copy.

Sunrise Tofu is offering a coupon for a FREE pack of Stirfry Tofu-n-sauce on their Facebook page, available now until September 24 (the coupon expires September 30). If you don't have a Facebook account, or don't want to allow the App that pops up to access your information, or if you have difficulty accessing/printing the coupon, you can try contacting Sunrise Tofu at

I love tofu, how about you?

Canada only.