A great way to get coupons and give your two cents as a consumer is to participate in Shopper's Voice surveys - you know, the ones that come in the mail, signed "Diane Simon." Believe it or not, they are worth their weight in gold, or at least, coupons.

I received a pack of coupons courtesy of Shopper's Voice recently and thought I'd share what was in it. Coupons from Finish Quantum, Immunity-FX, Highliner, Sensodyne, Powerade, Tetley, Hydro 5 and more, even free product coupons for Arctic Gardens and Powerade. Also included was a sample of Finish Quantum.

From experience, I know their partner companies will also send out coupons and samples randomly at various times throughout the year so it really is worth your while to fill in the surveys. Even though traditionally they have asked some personal questions, there is always the opportunity to tick the box "prefer not to answer" or something similiar. I usually pick those boxes for when they ask about what bank I use and so on.