I'm MrsSmith-ExtremeShopper, and I would like to share with you a way to shake up the status quo and change the way you shop forever! What do I mean by that? Well, how about saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year, while you continue buying the items you would normally buy such as groceries, household items and cleaning supplies?

Wait. Did I just say you could continue shopping for all your normal purchases BUT you would save money? Hundreds and thousands of dollars?

Yes. And the best part of it is that this is a tried and tested method, that you can use in local stores if you are in MB, SK, AB and BC!

With the ExtremeShopping method, you:

  • will learn to slash your bills for your groceries, household items and cleaning supplies, significantly
  • will learn how to maximize coupons in ways you never would have imagined
  • will get access to countless coupons, deals and expertise
  • will put disposable income back into your pocket
  • do not have to sell anything to anyone (this is NOT an MLM scheme)
  • will save your money.

Don't just take my word for it, check out what students are saying about the class here! You can also check out the MrsSmith-ExtremeShopper page on Facebook, to see for yourself photos of what students are buying, and the incredible savings (60-100%) they are achieving.

There are 3 ways to take this class and learn the secrets and start saving yourself money almost immediately.

  • Take a class in person - see the Class Schedule here, and email MrsSmith at kmemeric@hotmail.com to book a spot
  • Take a Skype Class - see the Class Schedule here, and email MrsSmith at kmemeric@hotmail.com to book a spot
  • Take an Online Class - Click on the Paypal button at the bottom of the page and complete the payment process to receive access to the downloadable class content.

What is the class fee: Currently, it is $25 CDN.

What you will receive in the Online Class:

  • a Class Handout PDF download - the ExtremeShopping method outlined for you, with a treasure trove of resources and tips to help you start saving almost immediately.
  • Extensive video with audio segments that break down the ExtremeShopping method into easy to understand concepts, that you can review in the comfort of your own home
  • Class follow up with more videos to flesh out the topics covered in the class, and to enhance your ExtremeShopping savings journey
  • Access to the exclusive (for class students only) Class Blog
  • Email access to, and support from, MrsSmith
  • all for only $25!

There is no catch, no further financial requirements from MrsSmith. The current class fee of $25 is all you will pay to get access to information that will save you much, much more than that. Again, feel free to read our student testimonials - I can almost guarantee, after taking this class, you will feel the same way as all the other students who have taken the class: Excited and Energized to start shopping AND saving!

The ExtremeShopping (CDN) online class is accessible only once you purchase the class. Please note that once payment is received you will have access to the online class for 3 days only. Once that time limit is passed, you will no longer have access to the class and extensions will not be provided so please order the class at a time when you are free to devote some time to complete it (we recommend 2 hours).

Since the purchase is for a single user only, precautions are in place to control the number of times the PDF handout is downloaded and will not be reset. Link sharing with others who have not paid for this class is strictly prohibited and we have link tracking capabilities in place as well. By clicking on the Paypal button below you are agreeing that you have read the Class description above and that you are aware that this product is an online product (videos and PDF) and not a physical product. No refunds will be issued once the online class download link has been emailed to you. For more information on the online class and our terms of use, please read this.

Disclosure: General information on this method is available on the internet at no charge, you can search for this information yourself. The 2 main reasons why this class would be beneficial is (1)TIME - learn the method in 2 hours instead of searching the web for hours, and have a written handout outlining the method, stores and links to resources. (2)Continuous personalized support via email and class blog - if you have any questions you are welcome to contact MrsSmith for help and you will also receive access to the Class Blog where weekly deal writeups will be provided as well as more information/policy updates, etc. Please note that this class does not condone shelf clearing, cashier abuse, coupon abuse, or hoarding of any kind. I also not do subscribe to the "full time mentality" of couponing - it does not have to take you hours and hours each week to save yourself money. The good news is that Extreme Shopping IS doable with just a very reasonable amount of time spent every week. AND, the more you use this method, the less you will need to shop, which means, you will spend less time couponing!

Are you ready to begin your ExtremeShopping journey and start saving yourself money? Click on the Paypal button below to purchase your class access! Don't have a Paypal account? That's not a problem, click on the button below for other payment options.